Urban Permaculture: Growing Food, Healthy People, and a Just Society in Cities and Towns

Permaculture was originally envisioned for farms and rural properties, but it works at least as well in cities and towns. Urban permaculturists are reforming food policy in cities, developing garden-based comprehensive school curricula, reducing energy and water use, legalizing greywater, providing disaster relief, and leading the food justice movement. They are challenging antiquated anti-farming laws in cities, bringing healthy food to upscale restaurants as well as the urban poor, and helping to convert sterile parks and office grounds into vibrant, food-and-habitat-producing oases. This inspiring presentation will show why permaculture is so well suited to cities and towns.


Kevin Bayuk, Urban Permaculture Institute of San Francisco, CA;
Toby Hemenway, Center for Pattern Literacy, Sebastopol, CA.