Stimulating and Educating Young Farmers


With young people’s ever-increasing interest in agriculture, it’s important to look at what’s happening around the country to educate and support young ’uns. Stone Barns Center organizes the Growing Farmers Initiative and holds the annual Young Farmers Conference. They equip young farmers with knowledge and experience to grow healthier foods and become responsible land stewards. The Young Farmers Guild in Sonoma County began over dinner in 2011 with a small group of farmers and ranchers. Within a year it expanded to over 100 with feasts that aligned with educational presentations, community outreach, and excitement about a new wave of agriculture. Guild chapters are now growing in other counties. Farms Next, a project of Rogue Farm Corps, provides hands-on and skill-based education in sustainable agriculture for aspiring farmers and ranchers. These programs offer field training with a mentor farmer, classroom learning, farm tours, and independent study on commercial family farms.


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