Organic Farmers: The Next Generation

Young farmers will present what they are doing to assume the reins of the family farm. Sophia Bates, 32, grew up on her parents’ apple farm in Mendocino County, which gave her a passion for a connection with her food. Since her return from college, travel and learning on other farms, Sophia has been working to diversify the home farm by growing more food crops, integrating more animals, and trying to close as many loop-holes as possible. She’s co-founder of the Not So Simple Living Fair, an inspiring collection of folks teaching hands-on, practical homestead and farm skills. Jenny Lester Moffitt, 33, is the unofficial GM on her Dad’s walnut farm and processing plant, covering a myriad of bases. She’s active in politics, serving on the California Regional Water Quality Control Board and the California Organic Program Advisory Committee. Rory Williams, 28, grew up in the Napa Valley. He works in the vineyards of his Dad’s Frogs Leap Winery, and performs multiple production and promotion tasks at his Mom’s Tres Sabores Winery. Rory also runs his own young winery, Calder Wines.


Sophia Bates, The Apple Farm, Philo, CA;
Jenny Lester Moffitt, Dixon Ridge Farms, Winters, CA;
Rory Williams, Calder Wines, St. Helena, CA.

Funded by the USDA BFRDP.