Optimizing Nitrogen on Organic Farms

This session will highlight organic methods of nitrogen fertilization for annual and perennial crops. Amigo Bob Cantisano will discuss the use of composts, cover crops, protein fertilizers, microbial stimulants, fertigation, and foliar feeding, with an emphasis on how to maximize the effective use of applied nitrogen. A combination of cultural practices, input selection, increased microbial activity, and monitoring will improve nitrogen efficiency, crop yield and quality, as well as reduce cost. Enzyme-digested soy protein is a relatively new 100% soluble source of 13% N and high carbon content. Used primarily in foliars and fertigation, Explorer from Agroplasma has been getting extensive trials and use in U.S. organic ag. Steve Trotter is the company’s agronomist.


Amigo Bob Cantisano, Organic Ag Advisors, N. San Juan, CA;
Steve Trotter, Agroplasma USA, Phoenix, AZ.