Management for Healthy Wild Salmon Populations: The Common Cause of Fishermen & Farmers in Alaska & California

Tyson Fick, Communications Director for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, joins us to describe how fishermen and farmers face many of the issues in the world of food production today. Whether it is eco-labels, food security, GMOs, water use, or habitat protection we share the common cause of a healthy and restorative food and farming system. Jacob Katz, Salmon and Steelhead Director for California Trout, discusses the optimization of land management in the Central Valley using greater understanding of ecosystem dynamics for multiple benefits. Come hear about supporting the return of a healthy, wild population of California salmon, one which until recently rivaled that of Alaska.


Tyson Fick, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, Juneau, AK;
Jacob Katz, California Trout, Windsor, CA.

Sponsored by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.