California Cottage Food Laws and the Value of Preserving Your Harvest

Value-added products extend the harvest, allow farms to utilize more of their crop, and benefit their bottom lines. The California Homemade Food Act (aka the Cottage Food Act) makes it easier than ever for farms to add value to certain crops. Learn about this new law and about options for creating and selling value-added products. Peter Ruddock will discuss the law, the opportunities, and the challenges that it presents. Merrilee Olson will share her experiences with co-packing products for local farms. Cathy Carlson, a cottage food operator, will discuss the necessity and considerations of food safety in a small-scale business.


Cathy Carlson, Las Lomas Lavender and Honey, Las Lomas, CA;
Merrilee Olson, PRESERVE Sonoma, San Rafael, CA;
Peter Ruddock, Be Healthy Tulare, Pixley, CA.