Biodegradable Biobased Mulch Film in Row Crops, Berries, and Perennials

After years of debate and research, it will soon be legal to use biodegradable biobased mulch film in organic fields. Carol Miles, Vegetable Extension Specialist at Washington State University, and longtime organic researcher and advocate, has studied biodegradable mulches for nearly 10 years, producing research such as “Current and Future Prospects For Biodegradable Plastic Mulch in Certified Organic Production Systems.” Carol will provide practical knowledge about the benefits and limitations of these innovative materials. Dubois Agrinovation offers one of the first cornstarch-based mulch films, Bio360, a biodegradable and compostable, clear or black mulch, for farms and gardens.


Eric Menard, Dubois Agrinovation, Saint-Rémi, Quebec, Canada;
Carol Miles, Washington State University, Mt. Vernon, WA.